Good Luck, Take Care Release Roundup

I knew we'd made a record I was proud of and that was the most important thing but I'll tell you what the response to Good Luck, Take Care has been gratifying. Here are some highlights so far: 

  • No Depression compared me to one of my heroes: "Like Rodney Crowell, Terry Klein has a knack for telling poetic stories in songs about the sad, funny, ironic, and devastating ups and downs of our lives, and Good Luck, Take Care showcases Klein’s evocative and comic storytelling." (LINK
  • American Songwriter kept up with the hero stuff and said "As one might imagine, the music is ragged around the edges, a sound that shares a similarity to Ray Wylie Hubbard and Guy Clark in terms of the torrid tapestry and treatment. No, it ain’t pretty, but still, it conveys honesty and emotion that gives the listener a clear connection." (LINK
  • Americana UK blew my neurotic, imposter syndrome-addled mind and said "The spirit of Guy Clark lives on in the latest release from Austin-based Terry Klein." (LINK
  • Glide Magazine's headline was "Terry Klein Pens One Of Year’s Finest Americana Albums With ‘Good Luck, Take Care.'" (LINK
  • Melissa Clarke at Americana Highways said "Terry Klein’s songwriting is perfection. No idea why this dude isn’t wildly famous, but give him time." (LINK)
  • Peter Blackstock at the Statesman wrote "Good Luck, Take Care is an adventurous step up from 2019’s folk-oriented “Tex,” with more rocking tracks such as the bluesy opener 60 in a 75, the rollicking The Ballad of Dick Trickle and the full-on rocker Salinas opening up new avenues for Klein’s artistry." (LINK)
  • Alan Cackett said: "With his third album, Terry Klein has grown more magnificent than ever. Without losing an iota of the intimacy from his past releases, he has made what is possibly his most dynamic album to date." (LINK)
  • Jerome Clark at wrote "Not a single one of Good Luck's 10 cuts falters. It is even, wonder of wonders, shorter (at not quite 40 minutes) than you'd want it to be." (LINK)
  • Declan Culliton at Lonesome Highway called the album "a suite of unhurried and intimate songs that draw the listener in with their candour, from an artist at the top of his game." (LINK)
  • Jeff Burger wrote that "This impressive third record from Terry Klein, which should appeal to fans of artists like Guy Clark and Billy Joe Shaver, sounds too polished to have been recorded and mixed in a mere four days, but that’s how long it took to make." (LINK)
  • Jon Worley at Aiding & Abetting said that "Klein has crafted an unassailable set of songs. The infectious joy of the playing lifts these well-appointed songs into a higher plane. These songs may be locked-in and tight, but they never fail to bring a smile, wry or otherwise. The complete package." (LINK)
  • Theo Volk said nice things in Dutch (dank je wel!). (LINK)
  • Remo Ricaldone said nice things in Italian (grazie mille!). (LINK)
  • On the radio front, the record hit the top ten of the Alt Country/Twang chart and the EuroAmericana chart, the top 40 of the Folk DJ Chart, and the top 100 of the Americana chart. 
  • On Spotify we went from fewer than 100 monthly listeners to, as of this writing, more than 2,000 (!!!). You can listen for your own self right here