A Georgia Foray

Between finishing tracking vocals for Record Number Two* last Tuesday and hustling back to Austin for Zoe's 8th Grade graduation last Thursday, I was overjoyed to participate in a round with three wonderful songwriters at the Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, Georgia. Playing with sweet Chuck McDowell, Bianca de Leon & Laura Monk was a treat. Eddie Owens and all of his folks took tremendous care of me at what is now one of my favorite venues anywhere.

One of the ways they took tremendous care of me is they put up great-sounding YouTube videos of the songs I played (i.e., the sound is great and/but whether I played them great is up to y'all). And so now I am passing them along to you.

Dull Women Keep Immaculate Homes

Everywhere But Here

Sagamore Bridge


Better Luck Next Time

Give em a listen!

*Yeah there's a new record coming. Don't expect lots of videos and artsy stills of me HAVING THE BEST TIME in the studio or FEELING THINGS as I track emotional vocals or ENGAGING IN CAMARADERIE with the sickeningly great players who agree to lend their talents. I'm going to let this sucker speak for itself (within reason; there are expectations about what artists do with new records and I'll meet or exceed them) and hope the universe takes care of it and me.