A Georgia Foray

Between finishing tracking vocals for Record Number Two* last Tuesday and hustling back to Austin for Zoe's 8th Grade graduation last Thursday, I was overjoyed to participate in a round with three wonderful songwriters at the Red Clay Music Foundry

Dreams Sometimes Come True

I first started heading down this road a few years ago and I thought I'd be writing songs for other people to sing. But then I heard Jimmy Daddy Davis say that "Nobody's going to hear your songs if…


Folk Alliance Mini-Tour Recap

The Folk Alliance mini-tour extravaganza is in the books. Here is the curated, way-too-long recap you've been craving. 

Monday 2/12 -- I played at Opening Bell Coffee with Jordi Baizan. We wore essentially the same thing, which photographs super…


Year-End Tidbits

I spent the end of the year out in California watching the tide's ebb and flow (and doing other things). While I was out there, some things happened.

1. Larry Hillberg at KVMR was kind enough to include Great


Houston Music Review Praise for Great Northern

I sat next to James Killen at lunch during the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance conference. When I wasn't spilling pasta salad down my shirt, we were having a good conversation about the state of country music. At the end of…


Roots Highway's Review of Great Northern

I took two semesters of Italian at Cal State Northridge in 1991 and 1992. This thoughtful review by Paolo Baoitti in Roots Highway is my karmic payback for this well-intentioned attempt at youthful self improvement.