Terry on "The Singer & The Song" and other Tidbits

You ask: what's going on? And while I have a lot of thoughts on the various whats that are going, thoughts I will share if prompted or to fill an awkward silence or even the mere the prospect of the same, I suspect your question is more related to the music and the songs and the singing and so this post aims to update you on some of that.

E.g., I had a blast guesting with Rush Evans on "The Singer & The Song" on Saturday at KOOP here in Austin. Rush was kind enough to give me a thumb drive with the whole darn show on it and so I'm sharing it with you because I care about you and things that end up in your ears. 

It was also a pleasure to sit down earlier this year and talk with the Hippy Cowboy about my ongoing journey. A great video of that chat was posted a couple of weeks ago. 

And somehow, for reasons I have as yet not wrapped my head around, Great Northern is one of the top albums of 2018 on Roots Music Report

My shows page tells me that I'm headed out for a brief jaunt through Houston and East Texas this week and then back to Austin for a wonderful show with my friends at NeWorlDeli on Sunday afternoon. And that's what's going on.